How to run your blog in 2021 and make money from it



  • The habit of blogging regularly brings many bonuses: you structure your thoughts,
    practice self-discipline, learn to communicate with your readers and cope with criticism.
    And if you take it seriously, you can turn blogging into a source of income.
  • If you think it’s time to start a blog but have doubts, this article is for you.
    We will tell you what and how to blog, on what platform to create and how to make money from it.
    Why do I need to blog?
    What to blog about
    How to start a blog
    How to blog
    Where is the best place to blog
    Where can I blog for free
    How to earn on a blog


  • Why Blog
    When a person does something cool – bakes cakes, hitchhikes, or reads a lot – they’re likely to be told, “Get a blog.”
    But as long as there is no inner motivation, becoming a blogger is unlikely to work.
    Here are some ideas among which you may find yourself motivated.
  • Make money from your blog.
    When you create a blog to make money, you’re actually starting a business online.
    You think through a plan, invest in a platform, create and promote content, and use different monetization tools.

–  By publishing useful and SEO-optimized articles, you attract visitors from search engines and convert them into subscribers.
You can make money on your blog in different ways: posting ads, writing paid reviews, earning from affiliate programs.
About these and other ways to monetize your blog we will write a little bit below.

–  Test approaches and techniques that are useful for your work
A blog is a personal platform for testing ideas.
For example, a marketer or editor would find it useful to try out different formats of articles and illustrations, apply new SEO promotion tools,
customize WordPress, and so on.


Build a personal brand.
You can be a cool professional, but known only within your company.
A blog helps you become known to a larger circle of people.
By publishing expert articles, reviews, tool kits, the specialist shows his knowledge and skills.
In the future, the blog becomes a public resume for employers or a portfolio for customers.

Unloading thoughts and structuring knowledge
When you dive deep into a topic, there is too much information.
A blog helps to structure knowledge and come to an interesting conclusion, a solution. Or just free your head for new ideas.

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