In-house advertising



In spite of the fact that many businessmen prefer to focus on external tools to promote their business,
you should not ignore the internal advertising, which is also able to significantly increase the demand for goods
or services and contribute to the popularization of the brand.

In this article you can read about the main features of internal advertising, to learn what are its main advantages and disadvantages,
as well as to identify the most effective types of internal information surfaces.


What is indoor advertising?
Indoor advertising is advertising media that are not placed on avenues or highways, but in the premises of the advertised object.
Most often they are present in crowded places: shopping and entertainment centers and complexes, catering and recreational facilities, etc.

There are many locations where indoor advertising can be placed. It can be found in elevators, lobbies, sales areas.
Experts prefer to divide the premises into three main zones: reception, entrance and the room itself.
Indoor advertising can be in any or all of them.

However, do not think that such advertising can be placed exclusively on the promoted objects.
Sometimes such media are far from the enterprise or retail outlet, informing and even entertaining consumers in the most unexpected places.
For example, more recently, began to enjoy the popularity of ads in toilets.

Interior advertising belongs to the category of image advertising, i.e. such advertising is able to increase brand awareness,
inform consumers about new products and special offers, as well as to increase demand for certain goods or services.

As a rule, internal advertising is used in conjunction with other types of advertising, for example, billboards, billboards, flyers,
publications in the press, broadcast videos on TV, and so on. In other words, it is an excellent complement to the advertising campaign.

Advantages and disadvantages of internal advertising
This type of advertising has many important advantages and pluses, including:

Exposure to members of the target audience. Before placing indoor advertising media in any room,
each advertiser determines whether their potential customers visit them. By choosing the right options,
you can guarantee yourself that your advertising will be aimed specifically at interested consumers.
Even the aforementioned restrooms very clearly divide the audience into male and female, which is also a huge plus for some businesses.


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