Indoor advertising: formats, location and other subtleties



Indoor ads are those ads that we read on banners or watch on screens in malls when we’re bored standing in line.
These are the flyers we pick up from the counter to get a better look at the products on the road or at home.
We take indoor advertising for granted, it doesn’t piss us off or disturb us. We tell you why and how it works for business.

What is indoor advertising
Indoor advertising is advertising, which is located inside the building: posters in the lobby, flyers in the mall, video and audio ads, etc.
It is a familiar and visible form of marketing that is perceived as part of the landscape.
In contrast to this type of advertising, there is outdoor advertising – it is outdoors and also comes in print and digital.

Types of indoor advertising
Indoor can be placed on any surface: floor, stairs, windows, shelves, elevator doors, tables, trays, bank terminals, anti-theft frames and so on.
Inside sales halls, it’s easy to come across digital commercials – screens on which looped brand offers with new products or promotions.
Indoor advertising can be found in any room, from the expanse of a university to fitness clubs.

Universal indoor media
Indoor advertising is divided into several categories based on the nature of reproduction:

Static. All POS-constructions – point of sales, i.e. “point of sales”. These are information structures which are located in stores.
This format of internal announcements is suitable for at least a little bit interested part of the audience.
A person gets an opportunity to become more familiar with the product and learn more about a new brand.


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