Psychology and marketing: what drives us?



Psychology and marketing: what drives us? One of the important roles of marketing is to develop good,
mutually beneficial relationships with customers. But sometimes this is difficult to put into practice,
especially if you’re really trying to understand your audience’s tastes.

The subtlety of psychology in marketing
Psychology and marketing have always evolved in a close relationship.
Most marketing campaigns (at least the most successful ones) are built on a deep understanding of the principles of human behavior.
This article reveals the factors that influence our choices.
You’ll be able to apply what you learn to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing.

What influences decision making?
The goal is to motivate people to make a decision (or help them change their minds).
There is a lot of psychological research that marketers are interested in because it focuses on understanding the nature of decision making.


Making choices is time-consuming work. Below are the research findings that prove this.

Imitation as a response to inability to make a decision
You have probably noticed that when you are unable to make a choice, you are forced to look for clues to the right choice in the behavior of others.
Consider the following examples:

Are you more likely to choose a full restaurant over an empty one, even if you have to wait in line for an hour?
Are you more likely to choose the product or service that has more reviews?
Would you choose a subscription based on the number of subscribers?
This is a fairly well-known phenomenon, better known as social proof.

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