The psychology of marketing – the key to increasing profits



  • Do you know what the customer is guided by when choosing a particular brand?
    He scans information about the company, studies the characteristics of the product, includes logic and makes a decision.
    As if they didn’t. Neuroimaging has shown that when evaluating and choosing a brand, the user is guided by emotions,
    feelings and their own or others’ experiences. And that means it’s possible to influence the purchasing decision by influencing them
    – using the psychology of marketing.
  • Hurry up and read our article and learn techniques on how to use consumer psychology to increase profits.


Stimulating reciprocity

  • Sense of self importance in marketing psychology
    Social proof as a mode of influence in consumer psychology
    Marketing psychology and the sense of urgency
    Guidance to action through emphases in writing
    Stimulating reciprocity
    In 1974, Philip Kuntz decided to put the principle of reciprocity to the test.
    He sent 600 Christmas cards to strangers. What do you think happened next? Over the next weeks,
    Kuntz received 200 greeting cards in return.

  • But what does this have to do with email marketing? Directly. Add a little bit of generosity to your email newsletter
    – send a small gift, and you will be surprised at the results. After all, such a technique of influencing the psychology
    of the consumer will evoke a feeling that he should do something good in return.
  • Here’s how Puzzle English wins the reciprocity of subscribers. In honor of Teacher’s Day,
    this educational platform is giving away a year of English lessons. The subscriber can choose what suits him or her best: courses or movies.
  • Sense of self importance in the psychology of marketing
    Everyone wants to feel special and important. Don’t spare any effort in working on personalization,
    because studies show that it yields 26% more discoveries. And a personalized CTA, for example, works 42% better than a regular one.
  • A good reason to show it is a birthday or other special date for a customer.
    Congratulate the subscriber on the occasion and let them feel how special they are.
  • Adidas uses personalization by name and phrases that emphasize uniqueness and significance to do this: “You make the rules,” “The holiday that belongs to you,” “The day that only happens once a year.” They also give 15% off with a signature “just for you.”
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