What is a web site, what is it for and how to create it



  • In this lesson let’s deal with the basic concept – a website.
    Also talk about what he needs, how it works web site, how to create (make) it for free, without any special skills.

Definition – What does web site mean?

  • A website (Web-site), abbreviated site (site) – a set of publicly accessible interconnected web pages, which use a single domain name.
    Web sites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organization for a variety of purposes.
    Together, all publicly accessible Web sites make up the World Wide Web.
  • In simple terms, a website is an address located on the Internet that contains some information (text, video, photos, documents, music, and more).
    And the Internet – it turns out a collection of such addresses.

Elements of the site

  • Wonderful progress in website technologies and limitless possibilities of human imagination determined a huge variety of web sites;
    that we see today on the Internet, when we ask questions to yandex, google and other search engines.
    However, they all contain some basic elements that make them easily recognizable by users in terms of functionality –
    the home page (also known as the index page), the first page we see when entering a web project;
    the menu – consisting of hyperlinks (links to main pages or sections); the main content (content),
    the footer (footer or basement) area with important links, copyright information and the like.
    Hyperlinks redirect the visitor from one web page of the project to another.

Types of sites

  • Websites at the moment a great variety:
    educational, news, pornographic, forums, social networks, e-commerce sites (online stores), blogs, weblogs, and others.
  • What does the site consist of
    Domain name (domain) – the address, for example:, here .ru is a domain area.
    Server (hosting) – computers / servers connected to the World Wide Web, which are located files of a web resource.
    Files – usually a CMS (content management system), with which it is convenient to create and manage web pages.
    Or it can be just one or a set of static html pages (with pictures, css, js) which need to be edited manually.

Is it possible to create a website on your own and do you need any knowledge for that?

  • When I learned how to make a site (early 2010), I did not know that there were CMS systems (they already were at that time,
    but they were few, no Russian documentation). To create a simple site consisting of 5 pages (with pictures, menus, other elements),
    I had to master HTML (hypertext markup), CSS (cascading style sheets – are responsible for the appearance of the site),
    it took me 3 weeks (mastered not to the level of guru – during that time)
    – therefore, to create a miserable site took 3 weeks, provided that I have not badly worked with the image editor)
    + in the future mastered js and php.
  • Now 2020, the site can create any person (even a schoolboy grade 3) without any special knowledge and even for free.
    To do this there are now a lot of online services and CMS systems.
  • Note! It’s all about the standard template sites (lendings, business cards, blogs, even social networks and online stores with basic functionality).
    If you need non-standard (unique) solutions, you will have to seek help from specialists.
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