What is branding?



The concept of branding and its concept appeared and began to actively enter the practice of companies with the development of competition.
What does this activity consist of and why do we need branding?

The concept of brand and branding are closely connected.
Probably more than once as a layman you noticed that in a discarded and crumpled can of red or blue color
you easily recognize a brand of carbonated drink, and meeting the yellow and black horizontal stripes you remember the corresponding telecom operator.
It happens automatically, you don’t even strain your memory.
Occupying a place with your brand name in the consumer’s mind is something that many companies strive for.

Understanding the opportunities that brands provide leads to the fact that they are resorted to in almost all areas of human activity.
The types of branding that exist are simply amazing. It is used not only by large companies but also by medium and small businesses.
It is equally actively used by companies from the consumer sector, dealing with a wide range of customers,
as well as companies that operate in the B2B (business to business) sector.


The concept of branding is making its way into related areas. Branding is gaining strength not only in product offerings,
but also in politics, sports, art, and nonprofit sector enterprises. Branding technology is also used for human resource management in organizations,
development of countries and territories and personal promotion of specialists, experts and entrepreneurs.

What does this activity consist of and why do we need branding? We offer to understand this question in this article.

What is branding?
Historically, the processes and tools of companies were created and developed in Western countries.
That is why all the terminology used in marketing and management is of English origin.

First of all, let us distinguish between the concept of brand and branding.
It is not difficult to notice that these words have a common root.
The term brand defines the presence of certain associations of functional, graphic,
emotional or any other origin in the minds of the target audience of the brand of a commercial product.
As can be seen from the definition, the brand exists only in the minds of consumers.


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