Where does a blog begin:



The history of blogging starts specifically with a platform.
It is software or a specialized service that allows users to publish content on the World Wide Web.

Today, due to the ever-growing popularity of blogs, there is a wide choice of such services.
That’s why it won’t be easy for a novice blogger to figure out where to start.
In this article we will help you choose a blogging platform and discuss the pros and cons of free platforms as the most popular of them.

Selection criteria
Before you create a blog, you need to be extremely careful in choosing a suitable platform.
It should include a full set of features that will help to make a successful site.

By what parameters should you evaluate a platform for a blog
Value for money – the cost of the service should correspond to the resources received.
Ease of customization – is it possible to use the full functionality of the platform without special programming skills.
Convenient editor of texts and visual materials.
Possibility of SEO-promoting the site and improving the natural ranking factors.
Flexibility of the service – the ability to change the design of the blog and add new features at any time.
The size of the community – the potential audience and those who will help to understand the intricacies of the settings.


Top 5 free blogging platforms

For most authors, blogging begins as entertainment and an opportunity to share their thoughts with others.
Not surprisingly, with such an “easy” approach, many choose the most inexpensive ways to host a blog.

However, free blogging platforms and website constructors have many limitations that prevent you from making a serious business out of the hobby,
bringing in a steady income. The main ones are the lack of ownership of the blog and the impossibility of normal monetization.
Therefore, choosing a free platform to post an online diary, you should be clearly aware that this option is suitable only for a novice blogger.

Below we will analyze in detail the most popular blogging platforms with free or partially free rates in order to understand in detail
– how successful the idea of starting a blog on such a basis is.

Blogger (Blogspot)

The platform allows you to create a site on the third-level subdomain
It is easy to use, so any user can make a blog in minutes. Moreover, it has additional advantages in the form of reliability and security from Google,
which has owned the service since 2003.

However, Blogger limits users in design and settings. Compared to other sites, there is a small number of themes and a fairly simple editor.

The resource synchronizes with other Google services such as Drive or Photos. That makes it much easier to attach photos to posts.
And knowledge of programming languages will help make the blog more diverse.


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